It’s Your Nature, Too. Nucor Corporation, as the largest recycling company in the western hemisphere, recognizes its role in protecting the environment. We value the environment of the communities in which we operate and recognize its importance to our employees, their families and our continued welfare. Protecting the environment is critical to our operations and the company’s long-term success. To this end, we endorse the following principles to demonstrate our commitment to the environment.


Standards. Nucor Corporation and its divisions will comply with the laws and regulations governing their operations. Environmental compliance is a priority for Nucor management equal with all other business functions.

Responsibility. Environmental protection is the individual obligation of each Nucor employee and a primary responsibility of management. Nucor also requires contractors, vendors and suppliers to comply with applicable environmental laws.

Stewardship. Nucor recognizes its potential for environmental impact upon the communities in which it operates. We will continually strive to minimize these impacts by evaluating our operations and researching new technologies and opportunities.

Performance. To continually improve the effectiveness of our Environmental Management System, Nucor will:

  • Pursue pollution prevention and waste minimization opportunities.
  • Investigate and develop technologies and operations that improve environmental performance.
  • Regularly evaluate the Environmental Management System and make appropriate improvements.

Outreach. Nucor will strive to foster open dialogue so that we may effectively communicate with our employees, our neighbors and other concerned parties.

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