Nucor Steel Marion, Inc.

Nucor Steel Marion, Inc.Nucor Steel Marion, Inc. is a steel mini mill that manufactures a full line of specialty steel products in the specific shapes needed for the highway, construction and agricultural industries. We specialize in U-channel signposts and related breakaway small and mid-range signpost systems, delineators, guardrail posts and cable barrier systems. Many of our brand names – RIB-BAK, LAP-SPLICE, BEND-BAK, SLIP- SAFE, SLIP-SAFE SUPREME, NU-CABLE and NU-GUARD – are well known in the industries we serve.

We are a division of Nucor Steel, the largest producer of steel in the United States and North America’s foremost steel recycler. We share the corporate business philosophy – take care of our customers by being the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most profitable steel and steel products company in the world.

Our RIB-BAK U-channel posts utilize new-billet steel with 25% greater tensile strength and are utilized in a variety of industries. RIB-BAK posts are the heart of all Nucor Steel Marion highway products.

In the highway products industry, our breakaway sign support systems for small and mid-sized signs exceed crash impact standards by over 200% and maintain a cost of up to 50% less than other steel sign supports of comparable load bearing capabilities.

RIB-BAK U-channel posts support our roadway cable barrier and guardrail systems, using the latest crash-worthiness criteria to provide a unique combination of effective protection, visual appeal and economy in both median and shoulder applications.

In the agricultural segment, our U-channel posts anchor the framework of a wide variety of fruit & vegetable growing operations.

Finally, in the concrete construction segment, Nucor Steel Marion rebar is used to strengthen concrete in roadway applications.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the premier highway products producer in the world. We are empowered to work safe and smart with a sense of urgency, to achieve a dynamic, highly effective operation. We will accept nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. Working together as a unified team, we will develop solutions for every challenge that arises, learn from every experience we encounter, and strengthen our leadership position in the industry. Every day we will demonstrate integrity and commitment to excellence, through high personal involvement, in achieving world class customer service. Using recycled steel, we are environmental stewards, creating highway safety products that save lives.

The Nucor® and Nucor Steel Marion, Inc.® name and logos, RIB-BAK®, LAP-SPLICE®, SLIP-SAFE®, SLIP-SAFE SUPREME®, NU-GUARD®, NU-CABLE®,NU-TEN® and It's Our Nature® are registered trademarks of Nucor Corporation. Powder-Shell™ is a trademark of Nucor Corporation.