RIB-BAK U-channel Sign Supports

RIB-BAK is the strongest U-channel post available. New billet steel has 25% more yield strength (80 – 100 KSI) than the rail steel used by our competitors. RIB-BAK withstands higher wind loads at crucial load bearing points, thus supporting heavier signs per post.

System features include:

  • Crashworthy to NCHRP 350 criteria.
  • U.S. new billet steel.
  • 80,000-Lb. minimum yield.
  • Available in seven sizes.
  • Powder coated or galvanized (bare available).
  • Fast easy installation with conventional tools.
  • Flush contact points for solid sign attachment.

Comparing Signposts

RIB-BAK U-Channel Other U-Channels
Ingredients U.S. New-billet Steel Foreign Rail Steel
Steel Properties Consistent and Strong Inconsistent and Weak – 25% Less Tensile Strength
Supports Signage on Back of Post Yes No – Signs Wobble on a Rounded Surface
Yield Strength 80 – 100 KSI 60 -80 KSI
ASTM Requirements Exceeds Requirements Meets Requirements
Post Needed to Support 30” Stop Sign in 70 m.p.h. winds, 7’ Clear Height 2.5 lb. Signpost 3 lb. Signpost

Multiple Sizes

Increased Benefits Of Powder Coating Are Worth More Than Paint

Only Nucor gives you the superior rust-resistant protection, durability and appearance of powder coating at the price of paint. Called Powder-Shell™, it’s available for all sizes of RIB-BAK in green, black, yellow, white, orange and brown (other colors by request). For the ultimate protection against the elements, RIB-BAK posts are also available in hot-dipped galvanized (ASTM A-123).

Powder Shell


Smooth Glossy Polyester Powder Coat


ASTM D523 75-85%

Pencil Hardness

ASTM D3363 H-2H


ASTM D522 1/8th Inch


ASTM D3359 5B

Direct Impact

ASTM D2794 160 in./lbs. @ 2.0 mils

Reverse Impact

ASTM D2794 160 in./lbs. @ 2.0 mils

Crash Tested and Approved

RIB-BAK U-channel signposts and breakaway systems are accepted by the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) for small sign support applications, and also meet the NCHRP 350 criteria for occupant impact velocity.
(NOTE: 3 lbs. /ft x 3 supports – and all 4 lbs./ft supports – must use breakaway hardware to comply with FHWA breakaway requirements.)

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