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FHWA recommends cable median barriers

FHWA brochure on Cable Median Barriers


USA TODAY States take action (See Missouri, West Virginia) (01-2007)

USA TODAY, Lives saved as highways get cable (07-2006)


Cables put up along risky roads (08-2006)

Highway crossover fatals drop by half with new median barriers (04-2005)


Cable Barriers Failing With Deadly Results (09-2007)

Motorist survives striking cable median at 96 mph (02-2006)       2nd article


State Sen. Bobby Glover recommends installation of a median cable barrier on Hwy. 67


Crash on 49 raises traffic safety worries: Cable Barriers could be solution (12-2006)


New barriers hope to put brakes on head-on collisions (06-2007)


Florida turns to median and canal barriers to save lives (Roads & Bridges, 07-2007)

Neither the bridge nor city caused accidents (07-2007)

Will new I-75 barriers save lives? (05-2007)

Troopers, DOT at odds over barriers (05-2007)

Fatal crossover collisions at 6 (05-2007)

Florida Turnpike’s improved safety includes new cable barrier (02-2006)


I-85 cable barriers may prevent major wrecks (07-2007)

Evans vows to install I-85 safety barriers (07-2007)

Median cable coming to Interstate 85 (10-2006)

Cable barrier saves another life (03-2006)

Death Inspires Senior Project on Cable Barriers (03-2006)

Median barrier to boost safety (02-2006)


Seventy Miles in One Season, Roads & Bridges, February 2006

High-Tension Cable Barrier installed on new Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway, I-88 (12-2005)


Area of multiple fatal crash had no barrier (10-2007)

Cable barriers to be installed in medians of area roadways (06-2007)

Hoosier Interstates to Get Cable Safety Barriers (06-2007)

Cable barriers added to stop crashes (06-2007)

State to fight cross-median crashes with cable barriers (06-2007)

Cable barriers prevent some interstate accidents (04-2006)

New I-65 barrier saves lives (04-2006)

INDOT plans fence (cable barrier) for dangerous stretch of I-65 (10-2005)


Some Say More Protective Barriers Needed Along Kentucky Highways (09-2007)

Cable barrier stops car; driver dies (09-2007)

WAVE 3 Investigates: Are cable barriers needed along I-65?

LMPD Officer Greg Kellerman says the barriers did their job (09-2006) 

Survivor Of Crossover Crash Welcomes Cable Barriers (07-2006) 

Median Barriers To Be Installed By September (05-2006)   Video

State To Install Median Cable Barriers On Two Interstates (01-2006)

Kentucky Lags Behind Other States In Installing Median Barriers (12-2005)

Second Fatal Crossover In One Month Highlights Need For Barriers (12-2005)

Local Lawmaker Wants Median Barriers To Prevent Head-On Crashes (10-2005)

State lawmaker wants barrier on I-265 (10-2005)


Route 213: New guardrails designed to prevent bad accidents (12-2005)


Cable barriers aim to improve safety on Minnesota roads (10-2006)  VIDEO

MnDOT to install barriers on I-94 (11-2005)

Cable CrossOver (09-2005)

MnDOT CHSP includes high tension cable median barriers (11-2005)


Guard cables prove to be worth the wait (09-2007)

Motorist injured on I-44 after hitting cable barrier (04-2007)

Work installing I-29 barrier cables begins  (06-2006)

Proposed Four-Lane Highway 100 to utilize cable median barriers

Cables stretch to guard motorists (10-2005)

Fatal accident underlines need for median barriers (10-2005)

Missouri strings cable barriers along I-70 median (08-2005)


Cable barrier added to freeway median (11-2007)

Highway 395 cable is one barrier we welcome (08-2007)

Additional plans call for the installation of a cable barrier rail down (01-2007)

New Jersey

In the wake of deaths, mid-Hudson lawmakers push for Route 17 barriers (10-2006)

North Carolina

DOT to Review Median Guardrail Policy (06-2007)

One dead, two injured in hit and run (05-2007)

New DOT policy requiring weekly checks of the cable barrier (01-2007)

Death Inspires Senior Project on Cable Barriers (03-2006)


No deaths since installation, Ohio wants more (04-2006)

ODOT plans median barrier on Interstate 270 at a cost savings (09-2005)



Ounce of accident prevention; Okahoma getting more cable barriers (10-2007)

How state medians will become safer; commissioners approved nearly $4 million in contracts to install more median cable barriers (09-2007)

Cable barriers save on two fronts (10-2006)

Crossovers prevented by safety device (04-2006)


Would I-78 barriers be safer than just a wide median? PennDOT says no…

South Carolina

I-85 cable barrier nets tractor-trailer (07-2007)

Median cable construction slows I-85 traffic (04-2007)

DOT officials count 10,000 “saves” since cable barrier program began (10-2006)


State begins installing cable median barrier on I-26 through Tri-Cities (05-2006)

Cables seen as barrier to road deaths (04-2006)


Police: Median guardrail [Nucor cable barrier] prevents head-on collision (09-2007)

I-20 Fatal Accident Might Have Been Prevented (05-2007)

The system has worked wonderfully and has paid for itself (02-2007)

TxDOT says new cable barrier safer and cheaper than concrete barrier (04-2006)

Mopac (Austin) cable barriers prove safer than concrete (02-2006)     Video

Texas Median Barriers Set to Save Lives (01-2006)

GSI-Nucor installs Titus County high-tension cable barrier (08-2005)

Widower campaigns for highway barriers (08-2005)

GSI-Nucor wins $14 million Bexar County cable barrier installation (07-2005)

Cable Barriers to stop crossover deaths (07-2005)

TxDOT to install 600 miles of new high-tension cable barrier (12-2004)

Police: Barriers needed along 75 near McKinney (02-2004)


Tragedy Leads to Improvements in Parley’s Canyon (05-2007)

Median Cable Barriers (05-2007)

Cable Barrier Credited with Saving Lives on I-15 (11-2006)

Cable barrier catch F250 in high speed chase (05-2006)

Washington State

Fatal Crash through a cable barrier (11-2007)

Driver dies on I-5 after hurtling past median barrier (07-2007)

Another crash raises cable-barrier issue (07-2007)

Cable barrier foes grill leaders (07-2007)

Replace deadly cable barriers along I-5 (07-2007)

Buzz words: cable, median and barrier (07-2007)

Cable barriers are out, concrete ones in (07-2007)

State recommends concrete median barrier on I-5 near Marysville (07-2007)

Concrete barriers backed for problem stretch of I-5 (06-2007)

Grill officials about safety of I-5 cable barriers (06-2007)

The great barrier debate | Which way to Market? (03-2007)

Cable barrier credited for preventing crash (03-2007)

Residents sound off on cable barrier safety (02-2007)

Governor calls for cable barrier investigation (02-2007)

Cars can squeeze beneath cable median barriers (10-2006)

Median cable barriers currently under construction “save lives” (03-2006)

State to invest initial gas-tax money in cable barriers (12-2005)

Crash-ridden stretch of I-5 high-tension cable-barrier (11-2005)

Cable barrier stops car (10-2005)

Barriers May Help Prevent Head-On Collisions (10-2005)

West Virginia

DoH finally pushing life-saving cable barriers around state (09-2005)


CALGARY: Barrier saves driver’s life (05-2007)

Chilliwack: B.C. highway test site for new safety barrier (04-2007)

CHILLIWACK: Wire rope cable barrier improves highway safety (04-2007)

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