NU-CABLE Low Tension

NU-CABLE Low Tension Barrier System

The NU-CABLE Low-Tension Cable Barrier System is applicable for guide rail applications where deflection needs are 12 ft. or greater. Three 3 x 7 steel cables are supported by strong (up to 100 KSI yield strength) yet economical 4 lb. Nucor Steel Marion RIB-BAK U-channel posts. The system offers a unique combination of TL-3 crash-test proven protection and visual appeal.

System features include:

  • Easy to maintain and repair – lower installation costs are augmented by continuing savings.
  • Utilizes strong (up to 100 KSI yield strength) yet economical 4-lb. Nucor Marion Steel RIB-BAK U-channel breakaway steel posts (as an alternative to the S3 x 5.7 x 5′ – 3″).
  • Posts are galvanized for long life.
  • The Nucor 4 lb. RIB-BAK post is an accepted alternate post for the commonly used generic low tension systems on the roadway today.
  • Cables and posts attached with standard J-bolt connection hardware.
  • Anchored at both ends into FHWA approved Cable Release Posts.
  • Visually appealing see-through system allows for better driver visibility and snow pass through.
  • Can be repaired after being hit in as quickly as 30 minutes.
  • The Modified RIB-BAK Low-Tension System utilizes the Nucor locking hook bolts as well as the 4 lb. RIB-BAK U-Channel post. This system allows for deflections less than 12 feet.

NU-CABLE Low-Tension NU-CABLE Modified Low-Tension
RIB-BAK U-Channel 4 lb./ft. Nucor Grade SP-80 4 lb./ft. Nucor Grade SP-80
Deflections 12’ Less than 12’
Number of Cables 3 3
NCHRP 350 Tested TL-3 Compliant TL-4 Compliant
Connection Hardware Standard J-bolts Locking Hook Bolts
Post Spacing 16’ 16’
Slope Rating 6:1 6:1

Locking Hook Bolts

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